Find all Cluse Collection in Parure Paris shop. These timepieces that aspire to be part of people who are conscious about their style. A CLUSE watch brings the best out of your look and completes your outfit. CLUSE is there not only to indicate time, but to define your best moments and captivate attention in all simplicity.


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    This new sleek styling showcases honors a diamond trio. A style of timeless jewelry to wear alone or in superposition. These bands and rings in silver as well as yellow or pink gold vermeil put in action the simplicity in a modern minimalism.


    This new jewels' collection is inspired by the bayleaf crown worn by Jules César. The crown is the symbol of the Victory, Genius and Immortality. This romantic line seduices by his sculptural aspect and preciosity.


    An infinite combination of colors. Make your associations’ rings or bracelets to suit your mood by mixing materials and stones.


    Reversible collection that will delight you with its playful and precious side! Wear your jewelry on the side "stack" set with three diamonds or make it rotate to the front side "Chance" ... This bold line is to wear only as a Lucky inset or overlay with other jewelry.


    This collection is both inspired by a musical score and by the Chinese abacus. Instead of musical notes, diamonds and precious stones dance and slide on rods 925 thousandths yellow gold vermeil and pink gold. Be seduced by the bright colors of bracelets that put the spotlight on pink sapphires, blue, black, topaz, and tsavorite and of course diamonds.


    The Lace line has become "inevitable" in our collections. This jewelry is inspired by the famous Calais lace. Through this symbol of finesse and delicacy, was born the desire to create meticulously crafted pieces and set with a white or black center diamond. Sterling silver, yellow or rose gold vermeil. Find our lace bracelets and its variations on single chain or double chain, as well as rings, necklaces and earrings.


    The famous 4 leaf clover is revisited like a flower unfolding its petals. This plant is a symbol of happiness and would be a wonderful shield against bad energy ... "If you drag a four-leaf clover under your bed or pillow, no ghost will ever disturb your sleep!"


    A declaration of tender and delicate Love ... A gourmet line, pulpy and definitively feminine! A kiss inflamed by its thousand diamonds.


    The trend of male female, the "boyish" style: a line of jewelry to androgynous rectangular shapes with two mobile diamonds in the center


    This beautiful sterling silver jewelry is a unique piece set with over 200 diamonds. Her curves are deliciously soft, highlighting the wasp waist by a link chain set with diamonds.


    We all have an angel side and / or demon. Choose your stones according to your personality ... Choose pure white diamond and the mystery of the black diamond, or both!

  • KAA

    The snake preserves the balance. It will allow you to stay in harmony with yourself. Kaa from The Jungle Book is a python rocks using hypnosis techniques to capture its prey.


    The eagle is the incarnation of truth and courage. As the bird that flies the above. It is considered as a symbol of spiritual elevation. The tiger symbolizes power, energy and protects from evil. Shere Khan, the Jungle Book is a smart Bengale. Very smart and confident, it is feared and respected by the animals of the jungle.